Hi kids!
   Today we're going for a trip into Los Angeles.  Our point of interest takes us to Griffith park.  Going into the park we'll pass the picnic areas and park our car onto a small dirt and gravel parking lot, because the rest of the trip is on foot...

The high red ridged curve marks the place to turn for the path.

This road block prevents any vehicles or bicycles going up the path, but foot traffic is okay.

The path winds up around the ridge for about a quarter mile or so.

Okay, most of you are NOT surprised that today's field trip was to Bronson "cave", the location of the series' Batcave.

The cave is actually a man made tunnel that was quarried for paving stones that made up the famous Sunset Strip.  The area is less overgrown as it appeared in the television show (possibly due for fire control) but it's STILL our beloved Batcave.

We tried to take a picture of the cave at the angle used for the show where the Batmobile comes out, but I think that could have only been achieved from a crane shot due to the incline leading up to the cave and the decline slope going into it.

Let's go in... THIS IS TOO COOL!!

Here's the view looking out of the cave.

Same view, but a bit deeper into the tunnel..err...cave.

Okay, okay...It's a tunnel.  Here's the view looking outside the backside of the cave.  Where are the Batpoles?  Note the other exit.  There are two extra, but much smaller holes going out this back way.  Here's one to the right.

And here's the one to the left.

Here's a very well lit spot inside of the cave.  Man, I should have brought my Batsuit.  But at least I have my trusty Bat- T-shirt made by my buddy, JD!!

Here's the entrance of the wrong side of the cave...um...tunnel.  Heck, it will always be the BATCAVE to me.

Standing outside the back entrance, we can see that we are not 14 miles from Gotham.

   Well, that concludes our trip to the Bronson cave.  Much thanks to Martin Zamorano with his trusty map of how to find the trail and Wally for telling me to just get on Bronson from Hollywood Blvd and head North.  I really couldn't miss it from there.


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